What is Personal Branding from Within?


The truth outs. The truth about who you really are eventually comes out. You can fool some people sometimes, you can fool some people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. The best way to enhance your personal brand is to change your internals; your thoughts, your emotions, your habits and your character.


Your mind is very powerful. You become whatever you think about or envision. Positive thinking means changing the predominant thoughts in your mind to pleasant and empowering thoughts. Some people think of it as self hypnosis, while others think of it as a way of connecting with the mystic of the universe. If you populate your mind with positive messages, you will see a fundamental shift in your fortunes, feelings and outcomes; and ultimately your personal brand.

If you hang around people who are optimistic in life, you will most likely end up looking at the glass as half full. If you hang out with pessimists, you will always see the glass as half empty. Your friends will influence how you think whether you realize it or not.

It may be the way they look at you when you say something, or how they behave when you do something. Be careful about the people you let into your life. They can make or break you even without you realizing it. Surround yourself with positive people and their positive energy will radiate to you. Become more positive and you will impact the people around you and gain their respect for your personal brand.


Character is the attributes that determines your moral and ethical actions and reactions. Character is different from talent, it is shaped over time by the events, decisions you make and actions that you take. The strength of someone’s character refers to their inner person, whom they really at the core.

When a man loses every single earthly possession all he has to fall back on is his character. The strength of character consists of virtues such as integrity, courage, fortitude, honesty, and loyalty, good behaviors or habits. Character is what determines a person’s ultimate personal brand and destiny.

The good thing is that the strength of character can be developed, just as iron is turned into steel. Iron is made stronger by removing impurities and stress hardening. You can develop strength of character by getting rid of negative influences and behaviors in your life (impurities) and stress training (getting out of your comfort zone).

Character can also be developed by learning from others through observation, reading or listening. Just as iron is converted to steel in different stages, you can develop your strength of character progressively.


You can use the power of positive emotions to enhance your personal brand. I have learned to harness some positive emotions with good results in my life. Understanding positive emotions can help you bring more of them in yourself and others. Emotional state management is a powerful skill to add to your success arsenal.

Emotions determine our mood, our mood affects our choices, our choices affect our actions and our actions determine our success.


We are creatures of habit. There is no way you are going to achieve different results if you keep doing things in the same old fashioned way. To achieve any goal in life, you need to change some habits. Think of the goal you want to achieve, and decide what habits would keep you from achieving that.  Then change those habits.


Personal branding from within is all about self mastery. Self mastery means becoming the master of your own ship. It means becoming the primary guiding force to your destiny. It is the ability to reign supreme on your desires, impulses, emotions, appetite and mind.

This ability cannot be bought with money or fame, but can be developed through discipline. Self mastery means being in control of yourself and not letting your emotions and impulses dictate your life.

P.s – I would love to hear from you how we can enhance our personal brands through self mastery.


  1. Godfrey.C.Osakwe says

    Great mind, great teaching, learning just fun. I sure have got good information that will shape and transform my life for good. Thanks for sharing your knowledge for the good of mankind. Best regards.

  2. Joy says

    being honest with yourself is a good start for self mastery…being brave to face your problems and dillemas. Dealing with each situation as it comes as opposed to sitting on it and waiting till you are pushed to the corner. accepting your weaknesses and doing something to improve them rather than live in denial. and feeding your mind with the ryt data and associating with the people who will build you would be a good start.

  3. paula says

    Iron sharpenth iron… like Dan says, we all need to choose the kind of friends we hang out with. We all share our lives with the people we relate to… show me your friends and I will tell you the kind of person you are… I choose to see the glass half -full….
    Do you see the thorns on the rose or the rose on the thorns?
    Thanks Dan…

  4. Brenda Njeru says

    Of all the things I have had to master ;discipline seems to be the hardest.What I found interesting about one’s character is the fact that every small decision you make amounts to your character at the end of the day.

    Choosing right when you can choose wrong builds a form of inner courage that comes handy when you are faced with tougher decisions that lie ahead.

    What Confucious says ‘What the petty man does when he is by himself”.

    What you do in the dark, somehow people can see holes in your character so people make fun of you.So doing things to be seen does not work.

    Why do you think it is so hard to make a good joke about Obama?He has built his character on a very strong foundation!

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